25 August 2014

Touch; Claire North

TouchTouch by Claire North
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What is with Claire North and time travel? First The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, now Touch.

Here we have a... being? entity? consciousness?... who transfers from body (or skin) to body via touch - and it can be one fingertip that manages to touch an centimeter of another's skin and the transfer happens. We're experiencing a very difficult few weeks of one such entity, named Kepler by an organization out to kill him, as he tries to avoid said assassination. He jumps from person to person (or skin to skin) throughout this story, sometimes confusingly for the reader. Also confusing was the exact reason why he was targeted (and, as with the earlier book, why others of his kind are targets).

The writing style, the jumps, and the motivation of both "Kepler" and the others are all somewhat jagged, but it all works. It'll be interesting to see what a third book brings: more of the time theme or if she'll veer into new territory.

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