14 September 2014

Bird Box; Josh Malerman

Bird BoxBird Box by Josh Malerman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I do like a good creepy book, one that doesn't dictate moment by moment how we should be scared but allows we readers to do it on our own.

Unlike many of these books, Bird Box doesn't exactly tell us what's going on, we're told that it's something, something that can be seen and once it is, you want to (and succeed!) kill yourself. Since there's no defined thing, it could be anything: the sun, a bird, the grass, or an alien. That's the big success of the book, that sense that literally anything could be the cause of this.

The juxtaposition of Life Before, Life During and The Big Escape also works; however at times the plotting dragged. Less time Escaping would have worked for me, to be honest. Did I say the plot dragged? Well, except for the last part which went a little too fast (especially the attic scene). My guess is that the idea was to make those parts scarier by not allowing us to dwell on them?

Still, with cooler weather upon us and Hallowe'en decorations going up, this is a perfect "get in the mood" read.

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