20 September 2014

Entry Island; Peter May

Entry IslandEntry Island by Peter May
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The setting made me long for my own remote island on which to hide. Yes, life there isn't easy but still - what a great hideaway!

The mystery part is very well done, one of those "the suspect is so obvious that they can't possibly really have done it" mysteries. Of course, our intrepid team must determine if, in fact, the obvious suspect did dunnit and of course they uncover omissions and lies from a number of people. Wrapping around that is the drama within the team, particularly formerly married Sime and Marie-Ange. So far, so good.

What bothered me was the whole Scottish adventure. Usually I'm a sucker for time-travel (even via dreams) but this just felt like padding mixed with didactic "The English Are Bad" and convenient plot devices to help Sime reach the conclusion necessary to solve the murder. Can the author resurrect these characters in another book? This made me wonder if he wants to, which is too bad.

I've enjoyed his Isle of Lewis series and was hoping for more of Sime and Montreal/Quebec. Perhaps now Sime will move to Lewis?

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