20 September 2014

Suspicion; Alexandra Monir

SuspicionSuspicion by Alexandra Monir
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The cover here is, I think, misleading. I see it and think "Oh, this is Labyrinth-esque" and it's not quite that. There is some element of paranormal (here called Elemental) but the majority of the story's focus is divided between fish-out-of-water semi-commonor-turned-near-royal Imogen, suddenly not just heir to the entire Dukedom of Rockford but actually the Duchess Herself, and a Rebecca-like sense of menace and mystery around the deaths at Rockford Manor. Those two alone would have made this a much stronger read, while the addition of this third strand made it feel a little unfocused (too much to cover?).

At least this paranormal story relies on nature power than on vampire, werewolves or other creatures.

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