20 September 2014

The Firelight Girls; Kayla McLaren

The Firelight GirlsThe Firelight Girls by Kaya McLaren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This gets three stars because it's a definite "comfort read"; not an AGA-saga, but one of those women getting together, salving their wounds and healing each other, with no surprises at the end. And that's the reason for only three stars, that there's nothing here that's surprising.

An old summer camp is about to be closed down, so the former camp director reaches out to several former campers and invites them back for one last week while they put the camp "to bed." That idea has serious appeal, the going back to a place that meant a lot, where you shared a special, safe time with people you cared about and who cared for you. Only a few show up, and even though they're different generations they all bond, etc.. And then there's the runaway hiding in the camp... As I said, none of the outcomes is unpredictable, although the deus ex machina that saves the camp was a little on-the-nose for me.

Still, there's a huge market out there for this sort of book and many people who don't want ends left slightly unraveled and lives left a little messy. This is the book for them.

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