06 October 2014

Buzz Kill; Beth Fantaskey

Buzz KillBuzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just the other day I was wondering why it is that students today aren't as interested in mysteries as they are in, say, dystopian fiction or romance. Reading Buzz Kill was a welcome break from those genres, but was it as good as it could have been? Not quite. The thing is, in order to make the mystery interesting they have to add in other things, like romance, and for some reason dumb down the characters (I didn't really believe they were high school students, or perhaps they were high school students back in the 1950s?).

As for the mystery itself, it was relatively bland. No real twist, no complete surprise, and a little more than Nancy Drew-level (which would have been expected if this were not aimed at older readers).

My advice? This works for 5-7th graders, possibly 8th and younger 9th graders. But older mystery readers - if there are any - won't like it.

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