06 October 2014

King Solomon's Carpet; Barbara Vine

King Solomon's CarpetKing Solomon's Carpet by Barbara Vine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vine's psychological mysteries (or are they purely suspense?) are always a good read - this one suffered from the huge amount of added-in information about the London Underground. Some of that was interesting, but it dragged the action down to a stop at times when it shouldn't have.

The characters here are a curious mix of apathetic, pathetic and impulsive. Take Alice: after one impulsive move (leaving her husband and child), she gets stuck in an apathetic rut of living in the School, busking, practicing her violin and planning to resume her studies but never quite has enough initiative to do it properly. Her relationships with Alex and Tom seem less like real relationships and more like something she's just fallen into.

The other problem is that the motivations, the suspense factor, seem more muted than in other of her books (The Dark-Adapted Eye, for example). Still, for an end-of-cold-and-don't-want-to-think-too-much read this was perfect.

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