06 October 2014

Lost for Words; Edward St. Aubyn

Lost for WordsLost for Words by Edward St. Aubyn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Patrick Melrose novels have been on my To Buy/To Read list for a while now, but when this book crossed my path I decided not to wait for those to become acquainted with St. Aubyn's oeuvre. And am I glad I didn't wait!

If you aren't familiar with overly pompous English-literature-speak, some of this won't make a lot of sense. But if you are, it can be quite funny reading the arguments about why each book submitted to the Elysian Prize committee is worth, or unworthy. And Benoit! I swear I've worked with him... The problem is, to explain more would be to delve into textuality and satire and all those other pretentious buzzwords, so let's just say I enjoyed the read and am looking forward to reading his other works.

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