01 November 2014

A Deadly Wandering; Matt Richtel

A Deadly WanderingA Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Such a difficult book to read, particularly when cars fly down my street (despite the people crossing signs, speed bumps and low speed limit) and nearly half of the drivers are on their cell phones. A mere moment of inattention and people die; because the driver is so used to texting single handed, he doesn't even remember his actions.

This is the story of the first case regarding a texting-while-driving caused fatality, intertwined with the neurological, attention and other issues as studied by doctors and scientists. At times the interspersing of the information on how our brains work while multitasking detracted from the power of the story, at other times it's necessary to give us a little distance from the intensity.

So why the four? Too much backstory on the others (the lawyers and investigators) - while their motivations for pursuing were important, that level of detail wasn't quite as important.

Still, I'm considering giving copies to my numerous nieces and nephews of driving age (even those in their 30s).

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