01 November 2014

Hyde; Danie Levine

HydeHyde by Daniel Levine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Usually I really enjoy reworkings or retellings from another POV of older stories, but this time? Not so much. The source material was a novella, so why did the author feel the need to create a much larger piece of work? Too much telling, in many places, too little letting the action speak for itself, and far too little allowing for our imaginations to do the work for us. As for the plot, the addition of Verlaine and how Dr. Jeckyll treated (or mistreated) him in Paris was actually interesting and might have been a better focus for the book, turning it into a creation story. The main story, with Hyde hiding from his - or Jeckyll's - servant and friend in a closet, doesn't always make sense: why did they wait so long to enter the room? The only plausible reason was so that this story could be told.

It probably didn't do the book any favors to reprint the original story in the back!

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