15 November 2014

Murder, Plain and Simple; Isabella Alan

Murder, Plain and Simple (Amish Shop Quilt Mysteries #1)Murder, Plain and Simple by Isabella Alan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A little too long to be a cozy, and the sense of place isn't quite there - yes, this is Amish country, but surely that's more than a few German words, less use of technology and disapproval of English ways?

Angela wasn't raised Amish, but her visits to her aunt gave her some familiarity with the culture (as well as a former friend, JoJo, now a happily married man). So why there's little curiosity about the culture as an adult, and her inappropriate boundary crossing with JoJo, is a little puzzling. And then there's the quilting aspect, which should have been more prominent. The article at the end doesn't go far enough describing quilts and quilting, or patterns, and much of that information should have been sprinkled throughout the book for readers - waiting to the end just felt wrong.

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