26 December 2014

Bruiser; Neal Shusterman

BruiserBruiser by Neal Shusterman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is vaguely in the realm of fantasy, with our lead male having a superpower of sorts (the ability to take others pain, from emotional to physical, away from them). Of course this has led to a life relatively isolated from all except his abusive uncle and his careless younger brother... until, of course, he meets a lovely young girl and starts to have a real relationship with her, her brother and her family. The questions posed (eg., will he survive being with "normal" people?) are not as interesting as the larger ideas of overwhelming empathy and its effect on people. Ok, maybe that was my bigger issue and not the author's.

The best part was that even with the overlay of Bruiser's, um, ability? power? quirk? the teen voices were all very real; the adults, on the other hand, were less so.

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