31 December 2014

He Said, She Said; Kwame Alexander

He Said, She SaidHe Said, She Said by Kwame Alexander
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One of the problems with books written in the "now" is the use of slang and popular culture which can age a book prematurely. In the case of this book, I can see it both aging the book (in the next year or so) but also providing a great slice-of-life that teens can read to see what life was like now. Some of the issues will most likely still be around (school funding, teen abortion) and the way in which these teens take on those issues is interesting; the relationships between the girls and boys, both within peer groups and cross-gender are representative of those relationships since teens started hanging out together. There's nothing particularly surprising about this book, but the two voices are more distinct than other books I've read recently that share this alternating chapter narration m.o. (always a good thing!).

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