26 December 2014

Press Play; Eric Devine

Press PlayPress Play by Eric Devine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So few characters in YA are fat, and here - once again - we have an obese guy (two, actually) who wants to lose weight and change his life. The reason for his overeating is his pushy, enabling mother who feeds him wonderfully fat-filled meals and who gets upset when he wants to lose and "get healthy".

It would have been a good thing for the book to have focused more on that but no, we have the other scourge of high school: bullying. It's team-based hazing, administration approved and fostered. Of course Greg and his two friends, Quinn and Ollie, along with the only girl in school who will talk to him, Ella, take on the status quo. No surprises on who wins. I guess lacrosse is considered the go-to sport for serious hazing, based on real-world events.

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