06 February 2015

Murder on the Champ de Mars; Cara Black

Murder on the Champ de MarsMurder on the Champ de Mars by Cara Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This entry in the Leduc series is, like the previous ones, a little overwritten (can hearts please stop clenching? please!). Unlike the previous ones, the actual mystery part seems to be rivaled by Aimee's personal life, in this case her fight over custody of her daughter with Melac and his new partner. No matter how much this made her heart clench, and no matter how many times she's told to make this a priority, she seems to really not care. That part was very strange and didn't fit with what we've previously known about her. And really, given the area we're exploring, to never mention some of my favorite stores (a Black specialty in previous books)? Hmmm...

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