28 February 2015

Painless; S.A. Harazin

PainlessPainless by S.A. Harazin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

David's life is a fairly constrained one due to his CIPA (a genetic inability to feel pain). He lives with his grandmother, is watched over by his best friend/caregiver Spencer and Joe, the family lawyer. He's been homeschooled, never had a girlfriend and is, like many late-teenage boys, eager to actually have a life; unlike most of his peers, he's socially awkward and immature. Over the course of Painless his life changes immeasurably: Nana dies, Spencer quits to go to college and have a real life, and David learns to drive and goes away from home for the first time.

All of that makes for an interesting book - I loved that David wasn't some savant or mature beyond his years given his isolation. But the trip he takes? It felt like it was injected just to create some tension, unnecessarily so.

ARC provided by publisher.

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