21 March 2015

Palace of Lies; Margaret Peterson Haddix

Palace of Lies (The Palace Chronicles, #3)Palace of Lies by Margaret Peterson Haddix
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A number of years ago I did a year of Cinderella stories with my 4/5 grade class; one of the books we read was Just Ella and the class was divided about it (they liked Ella's resourcefulness, but the method of escaping the palace grossed them out). Where was I when the sequel came out? Who knows. Now I have to track that down. This book, the third in the series, is good both as a stand-alone and as a continuation. We're in a different kingdom, with different problems and different characters, but Ella and Jed make an appearance.

As far as the plot goes, it hits all the right notes: daring escapes, wicked plotters, possibly mistaken identity. There were a few moments when I hoped for something different, but that's because I've been reading these types of books for so long. The target reading group? They'll love this.

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