07 March 2015

The Box and the Dragonfly; Ted Sanders

The Box and the Dragonfly (The Keepers, #1)The Box and the Dragonfly by Ted Sanders
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A very long book, and given that I'd have expected a little more explanation about who the Seekers were, what the tanu (and variations) are, etc. - in his attempt to get the action going and up the creepy factor (the thin man?), the world building is slighted a little. Perhaps slightly slower pacing and a little more description would have worked better.

I did appreciate Chloe's skepticism about she will do, as well as her and Horace's unwillingness to disclose everything. Even though Horace seems much more willing (eager!) to join in the adventure, he does seem to occasionally pause to think about it. And the ending, with his mother? It does explain her being such a cool mom, but did the cliffhanger have to be so pointed?

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