28 March 2015

The Ghost Network; Catie Disabato

The Ghost Network: A NovelThe Ghost Network by Catie Disabato
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The author here appears in the book as a sort of Greek chorus: the conceit is that this is her editorial notes and addition to a text written by someone else (Disabato's mentor, Cyrus) investigating two disappearances (that of Molly Metro and Caitlyn Taer). The historical information about the Situationists, the New Situationists and how the Chicago L evolved sometimes overwhelms that investigation; more about Molly and her performances, life and evolution would have been interesting. Readers may spend time doing their own searching for information about the Situationists (I did) or wondering why maps were not included (maybe they will be, or maybe they'll be on a website?). The bigger problem is the pacing, which drags when the philosophy and history is introduced and then rushes on when the investigation gets going again. More of the Disabato footnotes and commentary would have helped.

Overall, though, this works if you stick with it. There was one moment when I read and reread, thinking that perhaps we now had a even more unreliable narrator than expected; the other possibility is that it was a continuity error that will be caught in final editing.

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