08 March 2015

The Pocket Wife; Susan H. Crawford

The Pocket WifeThe Pocket Wife by Susan H. Crawford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For once the blurbage is right: this is akin to Before I Go to Sleep, but I'd toss in "Gaslight" and leave off The Silent Wife (which I DNF'd).

Dana's has bipolar disorder and is in a manic phase, spinning out of control. One afternoon she gets drunk after hearing bad news from a neighbor/friend and that evening that neighbor/friend is murdered. So: did she, or didn't she? Not even she knows. Of course, given her mental state, she makes some bad decisions, not helping her cause.

The missing star is due to the switching of POVs between Dana and Jack Moss, the detective assigned to the case. Obviously it's necessary to do that to give a fuller picture of the investigation and how it progresses, as well as to steep us in Dana's world and mental state. Still, it's something I'm reading far too often, as though there's some memo or mandate. I also had the thought that this was both a great one-off and the start to an interesting psychological mystery series a la Barbara Vine.

ARC provided by publisher.

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