12 April 2015

Everybody Rise; Stephanie Clifford

Everybody RiseEverybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rounding up from 1.5 stars - so close to being a DNF! Perhaps it's because I know the world the author is trying to illustrate that the problems leap out, or perhaps it's because the main character is simply unlikeable, not the sympathetic outsider that I think Ms. Clifford is going for. Let's start with the setting, the Upper East Side (NYC) post-prep/post-college scene. There's a lot I didn't understand, like why she name dropped Spence and Brearley, but made up a school in lieu of using Lycée Francais, or explaining that "Hollins was a horsey school in the 60s" but failing to mention that Dorrian's was infamous due to the Preppie Murder. When Push says she went to "Miss Porter's in the 1960s, it's clear that research wasn't done (anyone from that time would have said "Farmington" - yes, Mad Men got it wrong, too). And really? Did anyone in that world say "cray cray" in 2006? Evelyn's fall didn't inspire anything more than "yes! we're near the end". I did like Preston and Charlotte, despite their being one-dimensional characters.

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