11 April 2015

The Girl at Midnight; Melissa Grey

The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight, #1)The Girl at Midnight by >Melissa Grey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are major parts of the book that are derivative, and the ending feels wrong because it is so clearly intended to lead to the next book rather than being some sort of conclusion. The love/lust triangles were part of what cost this points: Does Echo want Rowan or Caius? Would Rowan go for Ruby if given a chance? Is Dorian going to be with Jasper, or carry a torch for Caius? Sigh. And the whole firebird search (could/should have gone on longer, imvho) gets resolved without a full explanation, particularly of Rose's part. The better part was the evocation of the worlds of the Avicen and the Drakharin, and how Echo interacts with the human world. Having said all that, I think only readers tired of endless triangles and who are looking for something very different will really complain.

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