04 April 2015

The Gracekeepers; Kirsty Logan

The GracekeepersThe Gracekeepers by >Kirsty Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is such a different book - not really dystopian, but definitely in a future version of our world where the seas have risen to an incredible degree. Society is riven between "damplings" (those who live at sea) and "landlockers" (those who live on land). One of our main narrators is a dampling, a circus performer who has trained - but not tamed - a bear, and the other is a landlocker gracekeeper, someone who performs at-sea burials for damplings. Their stories intertwine as they both seek, but don't necessarily find home and haven.

What made this a 5 is that the world is so well-realized, and the past (aka "the world we now know") is almost a casual given, not something we hear a lot about. There is an air of mystery of sorts, why and how Callanish and North have ended up in the lives they now lead, with the answers not always given but the end of the book. The pacing is slow, allowing the lives to unfold without forcing action. There's something about this book that truly sticks with you long after you finish reading.

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