02 May 2015

Girl in the Moonlight; Charles Dubow

Girl in the MoonlightGirl in the Moonlight by Charles Dubow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A relatively good entry in the "outsider boy has crush on unattainable girl" genre. The different here is that the unattainable girl is half-Catalan, so there's a slightly exotic cast to things (calling her parents Mare and Pare, for example). Cesca (nee Francesca) is part of an artistic clan, and her oldest brother, Aurelio ("Lio") becomes one of Wylie's friends and painting mentors as well as providing access to Cesca (or at least news of her). There's a lot of wealth here, a lot of Upper Class New York Connectiveness with a Catalan accent.

The problem is that it's overwritten and completely predictable - there's very little that wasn't telegraphed. It also felt as though the scenes where Wylie is trying to get on with his life without Cesca or interacting with her family were thrown in. Had the author committed to the obsession, or Wylie's struggle with that obsession, it would have been stronger.

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