20 May 2015

Oblivion; Sasha Dawn

OblivionOblivion by Sasha Dawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've never heard of this response to trauma before: graphomania. Is it a real thing? Anyway, it seems as though Callie's response and memories are tied up with this, with the police and her therapists reading what she's produced to help solve the mystery of what happened to her father and another member of her father's church. The Church he runs is apparently fundamentalist, but we don't get a lot about daily life there beyond Callie's mother's time in the confessional and the labyrinth. More would have been better, helping us understand why he had such a hold over her mother. The time jumps were a little distracting (although I got why they were there), while the love triangle was a definite distraction.

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