06 June 2015

Bradstreet Gate; Robin Kirman

Bradstreet Gate: A NovelBradstreet Gate: A Novel by Robin Kirman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I should know by now to stay away from books that promise a The Secret History experience, because those books are far too frequently not that experience. Like this one: college setting? check. charismatic professor? semi-check. closed group of acolytes? uh, no. Yes, a student dies, but there's nothing pointing to anyone but the professor and, well, yes some of that is perhaps questionable but it's not a group of acolytes covering anything up. Mainly because there is no group. Instead we have three students, none of whom are likeable and who are clearly unreliably telling their side of the story and their lives over the past 10 years. I finished, but only because this was a quick enough read to not qualify as a DNF.

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