31 July 2015

A Night Divided; Jennifer A. Nielsen

A Night DividedA Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A book set in East Germany as the Berlin Wall is erected is not one I'm going to run to read, but what a great surprise! Readers will get a sense of what life was like then for the East Germans, when things were bad but not the dire they'd end up being by the late 70s-80s. There were food shortages, the Stasi were watching everyone, and the populace wasn't quite as cowed as they'd become simply because until the start of the book, they could get to the West easily. Four years later, things are grimmer and escapes much more dangerous... but still, people tried. I'd hoped for a greater sense of Stasi-menace, but perhaps to a child of Gerta's years it really didn't seem to be there? And for those unaware of the suddenness of the Wall's appearance, it's a great reminder of the Soviet mindset.

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