14 July 2015

Harbour Street; Ann Cleeves

Harbour Street (Vera Stanhope, #6)Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first of the Vera mysteries I've read, although I've watched Brenda Blethyn embody her for a number of years ago. That might have been a slight problem, as Vera is described as being significantly larger of body than Ms. Blethyn is (or would be healthy being). Reconciling the two was, at times, difficult. It was interesting to read how Vera is growing in self-awareness (her relationship with Holly is the perfect example). The setting, a small town outside the city in which Vera usually works, with all that entails, were very real despite, being created from whole cloth by the author. What didn't work quite so well was the solution to the murder(s): too quick, too pat and not hinted at earlier. I'm not saying I wanted a neon sign saying "Hey! Here's the murderer!!" but a clue that I could go back to and say "oh, can't believe I missed that" would have been nice.

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