30 August 2015

Life Unaware; Cole Gibsen

Life UnawareLife Unaware by Cole Gibsen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not quite sure about this - the lead is unlikeable, and the way in which she's redeemed seems very contrived. Plus, the Big Problem (all her really bitchy texts spread around for all to see) has featured in several middle grade books, so it's not quite new ground. I did wonder about two things: 1. why was Reagan less curious about who had done this (surely, a small group)? and 2. how did it spread so quickly, because all we're told is they're printed out and posted on her locker? Surely someone could pull it down? Still, if there are teens out there who haven't gotten the message about how texts, etc. can be made public, this might be a good read.

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