24 August 2015

The Murder Road; Stephen Booth

The Murder Road: A Cooper & Fry MysteryThe Murder Road: A Cooper & Fry Mystery by Stephen Booth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, I'm a little confused: are we heading for some sort of love triangle with Cooper torn between Fry and Villers? If so, what's going on with Diane? She made the briefest of appearances in this book - and possibly won't even appear in the next one. And this after I thought Booth was finally figuring out what to do with the couple.

Mystery-wise, the opening really reminded me of another book (turns out it was In the Dark Places by Peter Robinson) but quickly turned into something else. The "why" was satisfying, but the "how" didn't quite work for me. And the "why" isn't as telegraphed as it might have been, but it is there for those closely following. What didn't work for me was the inclusion of far more Peak District information than usual, at times just sounding like a history brochure rather that organically arising from the plot.

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