04 September 2015

Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? Stephen Dobyns

Is Fat Bob Dead Yet?Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? by Stephen Dobyns
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is getting five stars despite my quibbles with the narration moving between omniscient ("if we look to the left, we'd see...") and third person ("Connor walked to the door"). Moving past that, Dobyns has once again written a great mystery - gruesome at times (a biker getting cut in half by a truck!), but also very character oriented. Who is Fat Bob? Why does anyone want him dead? Is it something to do with Connor's brother? Or maybe it's all a mistake? Even better is the relationship between Vikstrom and Streeter, which ranges from passive-aggressive to just plain aggressive. Best? Fundraising for the nicotine addicted beagles and orphans from outer space.

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