04 October 2015

Everything She Forgot; Lisa Ballantyne

Everything She ForgotEverything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really don't agree with the "edge-of-your-seat writing" comment on the blurb because the suspense is really more of an in the past, viewed through flashback type. That Margaret's life changes after her car accident isn't surprising, it's the memories she recovers that are. The other two plotlines follow George, a rather gormless Scot from a family that ruled its town via thuggery and threats, and Angus, a reporter looking to find George and the girl he's abducted. There's no real surprise when the stories merge in the present, hence the loss of the star. The brutality of George's family and his search for "someone who loves him" and Angus' towards his wife and children, but great love for his cow (seriously. his cow.) are, I think, supposed to have some greater significance than they do. If the publisher would stop promoting this as suspense/thriller/mystery and more of a recovered memory/family saga, there will be fewer disappointed readers because the story is good, it's just not in that genre.

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