25 October 2015

Into the Dangerous World; Julie Chibbaro

Into the Dangerous WorldInto the Dangerous World by Julie Chibbaro
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As a teen visiting NYC in the 70s and then as a young adult living there in the 80s, I remember the graffiti covered trains and stations (and the movie Turk 187 - anyone else remember that?). While some was really beautiful, most of it was just tags defacing others property. The author here has tried to explain the why of how teens get into tagging, in some ways glorifying it; using a very naive character, Ror, as our entry into this world was a good choice. However, Staten Island is not the boonies (sorry, Manhattanites, but it isn't!) and the trauma of being ripped from her live on the commune to life in NYC isn't explored as deeply as it should have been. I also didn't see why it was set in 1984, when tagging and graffiti is still going strong (Banksy, anyone?). Maybe because there was no other way to give Ror the commune background?

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