10 October 2015

The Abbey; James Martin

The Abbey: A Story of DiscoveryThe Abbey: A Story of Discovery by James Martin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For me, the first part of the book was far stronger than the second, which became much more about God and Jesus than about Anne and Mark and their journeys. It's clear that both have emotional problems and that the Abbey (and the monks) can help them heal, but at times the language used about God and Mary and prayer became a bit didactic (given that the author is a Jesuit it's perhaps not surprising). But until that point, there's a good contrast between secular Anne and Mark and the life at the Abbey, how having the structure of the day can be both a blessing and a curse, how people come to this life and why people might lose sight of God is well drawn. There were no surprises here, which also bothered me a little; I wanted something to be less predictable. On the other hand, for those readers of Christian fiction, this is probably perfect.

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