15 October 2015

The Luckiest Woman Ever; Nell Goddin

The Luckiest Woman Ever (Molly Sutton Mysteries Book 2)The Luckiest Woman Ever by Nell Goddin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sophomore slump, or downward trend? I was less impressed with this mystery than the first Molly Sutton, but not enough to give up... yet. The good is that there was no discussion of "the girls", but the bad is the tincture showed up, sometimes the French was translated, and Molly's nosiness borders on absolute rudeness (how many cafe/restaurant scenes were there where she ignored her friend/companion in order to either mull over a clue or eavesdrop?). As for the mystery, the who was surprising but seemed to lack the evil intent of the serial killer. More of a mystery was who was leaking information to her Moroccan vacationing town bff, and whether or not they'll team up next time.

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