04 October 2015

The Third Girl; Nell Goddin

The Third Girl (Molly Sutton Mysteries Book 1)The Third Girl by Nell Goddin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is supposed to be the first book in a mystery series, but the mystery is so far off-stage, and Molly's part in it so tangential - except when she virtually accidentally solves it - that I'm having a difficult time seeing it as a mystery. The setting, a semi-quaint village in France, has potential (and the description of both setting a food is gorgeous) as do some of the villagers, none of who are as quirky as, say, the villagers in Three Pines or Long Piddleton (a good thing!). The author also doesn't fall into the annoying habit of immediately translating the few French phrases she's using but allows readers to intuit via context clues. My biggest gripe was that Molly doesn't act her age, which is supposed to be late 30s, per the book, but without that stated fact she appears to be in her 20s. And really, all that conversation about "the girls"? Ugh. I rounded up from 3.5 because there's potential, but one more comment about them and I'm giving up!

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