08 November 2015

Everyday Holiness; Alan Morinis

Everyday Holiness: the Jewish Spiritual Path of MussarEveryday Holiness: the Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar by Alan Morinis
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For the past three years I've read this in conjunction with a Mussar group (most of the time I didn't attend but got the group e-mails) so several sections have been read more than once. The thing about Mussar is that you really shouldn't do it alone - Jewish or not, this is an interesting way to do some self-exploration and reflection - but with a group. The problem is that the book by itself tends to ramble and reads more like a series of transcribed lectures than essays. As a result, it's clearly delivered to a specific socio-economic group and won't resonate with anyone outside that, which is a pity because had he taken a broader approach it would have been a far better tool.

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