15 November 2015

The Green Road; Anne Enright

The Green RoadThe Green Road by Anne Enright
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So many wonderful reviews of this book, and yet... for me it was close to a DNF. It wasn't just the family saga part (I knew that going in, and was in some ways looking forward to a potentially new version of that genre), or the multiple narrators (although that's becoming annoying), but the fact that it was difficult for me to care about any of the characters. For example, Mom's taking too her bad after Dan announces going into the priesthood plays a largeish role, but it doesn't feel as though it does nor does she really take to her bed. Dan's decision and her reaction didn't make sense, so I started wondering what I'd missed out on. But by the end of Constance's first section, I'd ceased to really care and flipped through the books, skipping whole chunks.

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