08 November 2015

Triple Moon; Melissa de la Cruz

Triple MoonTriple Moon by Melissa de la Cruz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not quite what I expected: I hear witches, I expect witches. Molly and Mardi are actually the daughters of the got Thor and part of the Norse mythos. No, this isn't Rick Riordan's version of half-breeds or Alice Hoffman's magic world, this is something else, more a retelling of the Rhinegold story than either of those two genres. My other problem was that neither are particularly likeable, even when they're supposed to have learned lessons from their summer in North Hampton with their aunts, Freya and Erda.

I can see this being a good lead-in to people reading the original, adult trilogy or going to Netflix to bingewatch the (now cancelled) tv series.

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