19 December 2015

Even Dogs in the Wild; Ian Rankin

Even Dogs in the Wild (Inspector Rebus, #20)Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I confess I'm not sure where this series is going. Rebus has retired, worked on old cases, unretired, retired again and is now a consultant; Fox was introduced as the main detective in The Complaints but maybe people complained (see what I did there?) and Rebus was brought back. Now they're together less as partners and more as possible mentor/mentee, which works but for how much longer? Rebus' era in policing is over... his contacts are retiring (if not dead already)... and Edinburgh itself has changed. Fox is showing more spine and creativity, which may or may not lead to a better character in later books that are Rebus-less.

As for the plot, it's one of those Old Nasty Events Stirring Up Troubles Today plots. Of course that makes connecting the dots more difficult (and when Big Ger points out the connection, it felt a little too Hand of the Creator for my taste) and it's only by digging deep into the archives that it gets solved. There's also the Changing of the Guard subplot, with Big Ger and Joe Stark on one side, Darryl Christie and Dennis Stark on the other. Much as with the Rebus/Fox partnership, seeing Joe and Darryl join forces feels like a way forward with the series. But wither Big Ger??

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