04 December 2015

From Where I Watch You; Shannon Grogan

From Where I Watch YouFrom Where I Watch You by Shannon Grogan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Why is it authors assume that if a student's life is falling apart, with dysfunctional parents, no one in a school will notice? Particularly if the student has a supportive, caring faculty member to recommend they enter a contest and gives them time to do their own work? I just don't get it. And then the stalking and the low self-esteem that leads Kara to accept an awful friend... sigh. Finally, the flashbacks to years prior to The Summer of No Fun seemed there just to pad the book. Kellen hated Kara (although there are flashes of a nicer sister). She let Kara down. We got that. All that was needed was That Summer, and life after Kellen's death. Oh, and more cooking. It seemed thrown in more to make Kara interesting and give her some escape than an integral part of the story.

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