27 March 2016

Everland; Wendy Spinale

EverlandEverland by Wendy Spinale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A wonderful semi-steampunk version of the Peter Pan story, set in a damaged London and giving new backstory to all the familiar characters. This isn't quite a dystopia (although there's a deadly virus that's been released) or steampunk (although there are similar elements) but a variation on those genres, done in a way that might bring new readers to both.

As for the story, there's a lot of creativity here. How Wendy and Pan meet, what makes [Tinker]Belle fly, who Hook is and all the usual elements are slightly twisted into something new but recognizable (readers will say, "Oh, I know the original of this" while they enjoy this version). My biggest quibble is that this seems to be the start of a series when a one-off would be just fine.

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