24 April 2016

Asking for It; Louise O'Neill

Asking For ItAsking For It by Louise O'Neill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was hard to feel sorry for Emma - she's not quote a mean girl, but close. She's also incredibly insecure and much of the meanness is a cover, but only we see that internal dialog. Her behavior around boys and potential "threat" girls is questionable at best, destructive at worst. And then there's That Night, when That Thing happens. Who is to blame? What really happened? The implosion of Emma's life, both personal and family, is almost painful to read; the reaction of friends and strangers is even worse.

Ultimately the questions raised by this book could lead to some interesting conversations, but there's also the worry that it will only be seen as slut shaming or insisting that it's up to girls to avoid these situations, rather than equally the fault of the boys/men involved.

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