10 April 2016

Beware That Girl; Teresa Toten

Beware That GirlBeware That Girl by Teresa Toten
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

SWF for the NYC prep crowd... but that's a little simplistic. Kate and Olivia both are far more complex than they appear for most of the book, complex in a way I'd usually expect from an adult, not a YA, book. That's very much a good thing, by the way. I wasn't as fond of the depiction of the prep life, which feels a little facile (reading today's paper, for example, I see two very prestigious schools dealing with adult "misbehavior" and a third still in the news over boys behaving very badly; you can't convince me that Mark would have been hired without a serious background check - I wasn't!). But that aside, the dance between Kate and Olivia is fascinating to watch and that's why this got four stars.

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