28 July 2016

Where Girls Come First; Ilana DeBare

Where Girls Come FirstWhere Girls Come First by Ilana DeBare
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As a proud alumna of an all-girl's school and as a former employee of another, my interest in the topic is long-standing. For the most part, this is a good overview of the history and development of all-girl's schools and the wide range in styles and missions. Where this fails is that there are several areas left uncovered and schools unmentioned. Example? Georgetown Visitation, the oldest school (albeit not as academic in its earliest centuries as it is now), or the Sacred Heart network, which marched to such a unified drummer that a student (Cokie Roberts) could leave a school in Maryland on Friday and pick up without a pause at the New Orleans school on Monday. Still, until someone updates this, it's a great entry in to this world.

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