31 August 2016

Blood on Snow; Jo Nesbo

Blood on SnowBlood on Snow by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A stand-alone book (ie. not a Harry Hole mystery) that proves that Nesbo can step outside his comfort zone in terms of characters; the tone and feel of this book is still very familiar. Rather than a somewhat conflicted policeman with questionable morals and methods, we have a hitman who is aware of his mental limits, although he's very good at what he does and has definitely overcome the dyslexia he perhaps has. This last month or so in Olav's life - or is it? love the uncertainty at the end - is wonderfully detailed, with a nice blend of violence and love blended with a solid moral code.

If this is the only time I meet Olav, fine. But perhaps? Please, Mr. Nesbo...

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