31 December 2016

A Necessary End; Peter Robinson

A Necessary End (Inspector Banks, #3)A Necessary End by Peter Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've been a fan of Robinson's for a while. Even though this is a series, you can read it totally out of order (which I have been doing) and this is the earliest book I've read yet. Banks' wife is out of town during this episode, his kids are youngish and he's living in the old house; if you read the later books you know how much this all changes. As far as plot and mystery go, it's good... but Banks does get better over time. There's a lot of music in this, and several red herrings - including a near-useless map at the start. My only quibble is that the solution is one of those "magic" ones, with some intuitive leap that readers might not make along with the detective.

And yes, the earlier books are on order for future reading.

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