31 December 2016

The Moth Catcher; Ann Cleeves

The Moth Catcher (Vera Stanhope #7)The Moth Catcher by Ann Cleeves
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, Ms. Cleeves, I get it: Vera Stanhope is fat. Can you cut the references to that down to perhaps once a book? Even Rex Stout only referred to Nero's "eight-of-an-acre of yellow pajamas" infrequently.

Beyond that, if you like this series you'll like this entry. It's been interesting watching how Vera interacts with her team versus the public and how she has grown (kind of) as a result. Mystery-wise, the whodunnit isn't obvious except at the end. There are hints, there are clues brushed off as not being important - but once you hear whodidit, it isn't impossible to figure out. Difficult, yes, but not impossible.

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