14 January 2017

The Weight of Zero; Karen Fortunati

The Weight of ZeroThe Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm not an expert on teen depression, or even adult depression, so I'll take the author's word for her expertise and depiction of Cath's illness. It certainly felt real and was easy to relate to what was going on in Cath's life, including her fears not only of being ill (and the return of the Zero part of being bipolar) but also of what her former friends thought about her now.

My quibble is with her relationship with Michael. It did feel that her starting to come out of her shell with Kristal and the others in her group helped, but at times it was Michael and that relationship that - to me! only to me! YMMV! - read as though it was some magical device that would help "cure" her. While I did buy that those friendships and ties could help her reach some sort of peace with the reality of being bipolar and recognizing that Zero might return but perhaps was survivable, it kinda felt to me as though with Michael in her life, Zero would never return. Which did not feel real or plausible.

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