18 February 2017

Past Reason Hated; Peter Robinson

Past Reason Hated (Inspector Banks, #5)Past Reason Hated by Peter Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another DCI Banks (yes, I'm on something of a roll with this). This time, we're meeting a new member of CID and investigating a murder of a lesbian who has a murky past. There's a lot about music here (Vivaldi's Laudate pueri and a modern-day classical composer play roles) and my To Be Listened To list is growing bigger. But back to Banks. He's clearly not tempted by other women yet - although he does seem to have really good relationships with them. By "good" I mean, he seems very comfortable with women and very much enjoys their company, whether they're suspects, helping the case or his wife. It's not a bad thing, and he's definitely not a playboy detective, but it's an interesting twist on the detective personality.

Mystery-wise, there are a few red-herrings, but as a reader it was easy to follow along. I didn't get there before Banks, but it wasn't impossible to get there. The fact that it was Christmas time, there was snow and evening, made it easier for the author to keep the whodunnit part hidden longer than had this been summer, or daylight.

Two quibbles: one, the referencing of "real life", as in "that doesn't happen in real life" or "this isn't television". I know it's a thing authors do to try to get readers to buy in to the realness of the world they're creating or as a flag that they're really following police procedure. Still don't like it. And two, there's a Dalgleish reference that goes awry. I didn't mind it, per se, but first Banks doesn't know who he was (or that he wrote poetry) and then somehow intuits it later? It just didn't work for me.

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